meet brooke.

birth doula, parent educator, prenatal yoga instructor

I started this journey with a profound love for kiddos, and wound up even more amazed by the parents who raise these tiny humans so open- & whole-heartedly. my career began as a licensed parent educator through early childhood family education (ECFE), after receiving my M.Ed. at the u of m. in this setting, I continue to work alongside early childhood professionals in supporting and facilitating parenting education workshops on topics such as infant development, growth mindset, and positive discipline. in my search for some good, hearty resources in these early years of parenting, I found an absolute abundance throughout the twin cities. it is within these amazing resources that I have had the gift of submersing myself in all things birth + beyond… birth doula work, perinatal yoga, birth photography, lactation support, massage techniques for birth, infant massage, herbal remedies for birth, postpartum care, so on, and so forth. the connections I made after walking in the doors to these support networks continue to lend their open arms, warm hearts, and brilliant minds as I continue down this path of supporting parents in the depths of it all. you can find me at the minnesota birth center every wednesday evening, blooma's plymouth location every thursday evening, + at everyday miracles many monday evenings with the childbirth collective


this birth and parenting stuff is BIG. it's huge. it's hard. and oftentimes it seems as though there is nothing simple about it. we need support from our community, but finding that support - a birth team, therapist, lactation consultant, wellness practitioner, etc. - who supports your priorities as a parent, can be difficult. as your doula, I can help guide you along your own search for support and simplify the process in finding who + what truly aligns with your values. after all, the #1 ingredient to the birth you deserve is ensuring an alignment of values with your place of birth and your provider. I can help ensure that you ask all the right questions and have what you need to make as informed decisions as possible regarding you and your baby’s wellbeing. however, I do not and will not speak for you. this is where my role in advocacy comes in. rather, I empower you to speak up for your needs as a family, a practice that will serve you well into parenthood.

my philosophy around birth + parenting alike is to keep it simple. when we allow birth to unfold on its own, in a safe + supportive environment, wrapped in the arms of their birth team, the birthing person is allowed to experience this transformational rite of passage. in the days following birth, we allow life to stay still + simple to allow for rest, nourishment, and healing to take place. as children grow, their independence + imaginations thrive on simplicity, as does the entire family’s well being.



DONA Approved Birth Doula Training, April 2015 | DONA Certified Birth Doula | Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, June 2015 | Spinning Babies Workshop for Birth Professionals, October 2017 | Trained HypnoBabies Hypno-Doula, November 2018 | Active Childbirth Collective Member | Master of Education degree in Family Education, University of Minnesota Twin Cities | Licensed Parent Educator, Minnesota Department of Education | Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Sciences & Disorders, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire


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